Tow truck Khmelnitsky (car) order a tow truck (auto tow truck) in Khmelnitsky in Khmelnitsky and Khmelnytsky region
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    We provide services
    Evacuation and vehicle transportation

    Transportation of agricultural and special vehicles

    Cargo transportation on open platforms

    Our company has long been engaged in providing towing services in Khmelnytskyi and across the country. We will not allow wasting your time and money, and if necessary we can deliver the car without your presence. Our staff will help with the optimal choice of services and solve a lot of other important issues. Besides towing, we are ready to assist in transportation of agricultural or any other special equipment and its components. We are also engaged in cargo transportation on open platforms and delivery of large-sized cargoes throughout Ukraine.

    Our vehicle fleet
    Standard tow trucks with different load capacity
    Standard tow trucks with different load capacity

    Tow trucks with sliding platform
    Tow trucks with sliding platform

    Tow trucks
    Tow trucks

    We await your orders, calls and proposals for cooperation!

    Recently, the demand for tow trucks services continuously indicates an upward trend. This is primarily due to the growing number of motor transport of various categories on the roads of our country. Today people buy cars more frequently, both new and old ones, for their personal use, as well as to cover various needs of private businesses or government agencies.

    Usually owners are trying to keep vehicles in good condition. Unfortunately, the damage takes place regardless of whether a vehicle is new or not. Often after such troubles a natural question arises: “What to do?”. The car needs to be repaired, but it is impossible to reach a service center or service station by oneself. And sometimes the car is not just troubled, “making its owner happy” with a breakdown, but can get into a road accident. Now you need not just to evacuate your vehicle, but also to choose a service center, because after the accident, you will need a number of specialists besides the usual car technician. In all these cases you need to call a tow truck.

    Victim car owner, often in a state of psychological arousal associated not only with the event, but with the “breakdown” of personal plans, awareness of additional costs and other problems calls the first available tow truck company. In this case even more complicated and unpleasant “surprises” are possible. Unprofessional loading of the victim car on a platform causing additional damage, long hours of waiting for help, artificial inflating the cost of service, really rude behavior of the special vehicle driver, and other issues won’t surely leave you in comfort.

    Need help? Contact us. We never refuse.

    Regardless of the time of day, or freak weather, we will do everything to justify your trust.

    how to order a tow truck in Khmelnitsky

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    Звернулася по допомогу вивезти старий диван. Диван розібрали за 5 хвилин, все винесли миттєво. Хлопці професіонали своєї справи

    Спасибі величезне, приїхали під час, диван утилізували менше, ніж за 10хв. Буду ще з задоволенням звертатися) все було дуже організовано.

    Везли с Хмельницкого в Киев - доехали с ветерком. Уважаю !

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