Эвакуатор Хмельницкий (автоэвакуатор) в Хмельницком заказать эвакуатор (автоэвакуатор) автомобилей в Хмельницком и Хмельницкой области
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    How to order a tow truck?
    You may order a tow truck from our company at any time, 24 hours a day.

    Depending on the urgency of the order, you can make an emergency call by the phone number: +38(093)725-44-11 or request a traffic (evacuation transportation) beforehand.

    To order a tow truck you have to report operator the following:

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    Our car park
    Our car park
    Multitask special vehicles, equipped with all necessary devices allow towing even in the most complex cases regarding evacuation and transportation.
    Working 24 hours a day
    Working 24 hours a day
    We work around the clock in Khmelnytsky and region and carry out long-distance transportation, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    Technical assistance
    Technical assistance
    Our tow truck will not only take away broken or damaged car, but also will solve a number of all kinds of problems.

    Why trust us?

    We provide assistance in any situation on the road
    With us, you’ll get expert help not only on public roads or off-road, but also in other hard to reach areas.
    We work seven days a week and on holidays
    Employees of our service at any time of the day are ready to help you. We will take the call any time, in all weekends and holidays, whenever it is convenient for you and it won’t affect the cost of services rendered.
    We understand our customers
    Our company works with cash and bank transfer. We sign agreements with technical assistance centers, insurance companies and car dealers. We are always ready to provide discount for our regular customers.
    More than 1 600 people have become our customers
    We are
    waiting for
    «We never refuse!»

    Tow truck, service order

    In the modern city, such as Khmelnytskyi, where building of houses at every turn becomes normal, the increasing number of vehicles is an integral part of development. All vehicles that are too old or too new are prone to breakdowns. In addition, none of the drivers is immune to accidents, and in this case even the solid experience does not give full guarantees, as even a parked car may be damaged. And sometimes it happens that the car cannot get out from various road "traps": sticking in the mud, snow, hanging on curbs and other artificial or natural obstacles.

    Of course, you can try to move or as they say "tear away" the car alone or with another car, using a rope. In this case, you’ll almost certainly damage your "iron friend" and that will result in additional repair costs. In all these cases, it is rational and reasonable to call a tow truck – a vehicle equipped with a set of special technical means to safely tackle a set of task regarding evacuation, loading and transportation of various types of vehicles at any time and in any climatic conditions. Besides in cities such as Khmelnytskyi and even smaller there are a lot of recurring issues related to the transportation of various goods, including large-sized ones. In this case, a tow truck is the best option. This type of vehicle is primarily nothing but a platform that does not require a roof or even the sides. These technical features make it more suitable for the transportation of cargoes with projected parts and simplify the loading of different goods on the platform.

    Our tow truck service is located in Khmelnytskyi, it has successfully solved various problems of the citizens of the city, region and often throughout Ukraine for 5 years already. During this period we have acquired a rather large park of specialized vehicles, making it safe to say that we do not ever deny our clients or make them wait long. More than 900 evacuated vehicles, a huge number of transported cargo, more than 1,600 grateful clients - this is our contribution to the development of infrastructure in the region. Employees of our small but friendly team have extensive experience in the field of towing and cargo trafficking. This allows to claim confidently that we are the best on this market.

    In case you require our services, we will choose the most appropriate vehicle for the task. This may be standard tow trucks - to transport one or more vehicles or to deliver goods, with moving hydraulic platform - to evacuate vehicle after the accident, equipped with mounted crane - for the complex technical work to safely remove vehicles for their further transportation as well as for fast loading and unloading of various goods. In addition, here you can always find such rare evacuation equipment, like four-wheel drive - always ready to get into the most difficult places and travel to perform their tasks fully, saving you time and money, which in the present conditions is very important.

    To summarize, we should recapitulate the key points when choosing a company-cargo carrier, which are: the quality of services rendered, time spent on handling, the order cost, and which is important - willingness to meet our clients halfway. We provide a full range of services in the area of evacuation and cargo transportation on open platforms and are always ready to help you.

    Looking forward to your orders!